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What's New with The Elements

Updated May 6th, 2018

Since our last public appearance at Ottawa ComicCon 2017, a LOT has happened in the world of The Elements. In addition to storyboarding, drawing, inking, colouring, AND writing the comic single-handedly, Jac has taken on many roles in our local art community. Between finishing all her commissions for local companies, she can be found at Algonquin College, teaching arts courses in the Illustration & Concept Art and Animation programs. Phew!

Somehow, most likely due to caffeine, Jac has continued to labour over The Elements and recently completed a 13-page "Issue Zero" teaser, containing a half-chapter from the first volume of the eventual graphic novel. Though the intent was to have the issue available for physical purchase at the upcoming Ottawa ComicCon, a tree had other plans, and decided to use a violent windstorm as cover to destroy her property and rob her of her electrical power, thus thwarting our schedule. Alas, Mother Nature wins again!

Art finds a way, however, and Jac will be digitally releasing this "Issue Zero", along with an exclusive pre-production artbook, via Patreon on *July 6th, 2018. This will be the only way to obtain The Elements until the fundraising and independent publication of the 80-page Volume One in December 2018.

We are excited to be returning to Ottawa ComicCon once again; this year in the exhibitor's hall at corner booth #2206 on your way towards Artist's Alley. Posters of the Issue Zero cover, a never-before-seen comic page, and new con-exclusive layouts and character posters will be available for purchase! Since Jac doesn't work hard enough ever, she will also be offering several commission options, including a new large 11"x17" poster size. Drop by and ask Jac to create an original or fanart piece of your choosing. We will also have the Patreon completely ready to go for those who can't wait another 12 years to read the comic.

We thank all of you for your continued support and loyalty, and we can't wait to show you what's in store for the rest of 2018.

~Assistant K

Ottawa Comiccon 2017! May 12th-14th!

Come to booth #2612 and say hello to artist Jac and hype woman Kendra! Merch will be prints of various sizes (featuring NEW and favourite pieces) and the oh-so-highly-requested character buttons. Ask about commissions; Jac will be drawing live all weekend. Don't miss the special comic preview!

The Elements

Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Power, Light, and Dark. In a desperate act to protect the survival of the human race, the Gods brought forth their final creation - vessels of their power here on Earth. These eight Elements have been empowered to fight the reign of Chaos - a battalion horde of demons who swear allegiance to the one demon god and those who follow him. 

© 2017 The Elements

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